Selce is situated in a picturesque bay near Crikvenica, on one of the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast. This coastal town, with its centuries-old tourist tradition, was once a fishermen and masonry resort, and today it is an interesting tourist destination that fascinates with its natural beauties, clean air and sea. Selce has many awards for the quality of the offer and decoration of the place. It has also been proclaimed four times as the most prestigious tourist resort in the Kvarner region and in 2002 it won the first place in the action of the Croatian National Tourist Board “Blue Flower” as the most decorated tourist resort on the Adriatic.

The well-kept beaches provide pleasant and fun holidays in Selce which have had the Blue Flag for several years, are the best guarantee for sea cleanliness, seafront promenade, various cultural and entertainment events (folklore, concerts, art exhibitions, fishing on the waterfront, sport fishing with tourists, sailing regattas, etc.), diving center with scuba diving school and various water sports. Selce can host several thousand tourists in private and hotel accommodation, resorts and two campsites.

The natural beauty, which is hard to describe by words, the hidden and indented bay, the sea so clear that you can see the crabs playing at the seabed and beaches where you will experience unforgettable sea adventures that will become an excellent idea for talking about to all your friend.

Do you think that’s all?

This is only a small part of the story that you will experience in Selce. Selce will make your dreams of an ideal summer vacation come truth by its offer.

In the morning you will enjoy drinking coffee and listening to the adventures of friendly hosts while the afternoon will be reserved for sport events and enjoying the beaches and the beautiful sea air mixed with Mediterranean herbs and salt. The well-decorated beaches will allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea without a doubt. For those who want to explore, we certainly recommend getting to know the cultural and historical heritage of the city that will reveal to you the life that was once in these areas … small churches, chapels, stone houses hiding from the tourist crowd, give a special charm to Selce and your journey a different experience.

Evening Spell of Traditional Events

VThe evening in Selce carries a special spell when this peculiar town turns into the right theater where culture and entertainment are the main topic. You will enjoy traditional folk dances, great concerts and recitals, and special art evenings where you will find out how street portrait painters can be art. All of this, the hosts will be rounded up with a song that will be heard from private terraces, an excellent offer of seafood specialties and top quality wines, as well as unforgettable fishermen feasts.

The city with the title of The Best?

Did you know that Selce was proclaimed four times the most favorite tourist destination in Kvarner? And that was crowned by Blue Flower as the best kept town on the Adriatic? That is our Selce, a small, humble and picturesque town, once home of fishermen and bricklayers, today a city with a special soul that you will not forget.